Grade Review, Student Appeals and Grade Changes


Once endorsed and submitted to the Academic Registry (ARO), grades are released to students via the Student Information System not later than the following working day.

Students who consider that a mistake has been made in the process of calculating or determining a grade for a course may apply for a review of the grade. Students are asked to discuss the matter with the Course Instructor as soon as the course grades are released and to resolve the issues informally, if possible.

Where a clerical or administrative error has been made, the department/unit responsible for the course can report the revised grade to ARO. 

If a student’s concern remains unresolved after informal discussion, the student may submit a request for a grade review to the Head of the course-offering Department/unit in writing within two weeks from the day on which grades are released:

  1. Stating the grounds for the request for review;
  2. Describing the relevant facts;
  3. providing supporting evidence.

Students should be warned that a grade review might lead to a lower grade being assigned. If a review is granted, the Head will arrange for the review within three weeks after the release of the grade.

Requests for review of course grades should normally be resolved at the Department/unit level.  Students who wish to appeal against the decision of the department/unit must do so in writing to the School Dean/AIS Dean within two weeks of receiving the decision, stating the grounds for the appeal.

Upon receipt of the written appeal, the Dean/AIS Dean will determine whether or not a further review of the grade should be granted and how the review would be conducted. The Dean’s/AIS Dean’s decision is final.

Faculty, Heads, and Deans should exercise caution when considering changing a grade where no clerical error has been identified. There must be clear grounds for changing a grade where no error has occurred. It is strongly recommended that a detailed record is retained for ALL requests for grade review/appeal, whether or not the grade ultimately was changed, to safeguard the integrity of the process, and to avoid accusations of unfairness and a lack of transparency.

Additional information on grade review and student appeals is provided in the Academic Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies (7.6) and the Academic Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies (7.5).