Assessment Schemes


It is good practice to provide students with the weighting of each assessment task towards the overall course grade at the start of their courses.

Examples of assessment tasks include: in-class test; mid-term test; final exam; written assignment; project report; presentation; learning portfolio; course participation; peer evaluation; online assignment; online quiz; proctored online exam.

While the University has approved the grades and grade points that may be assigned for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, it is the responsibility of the individual faculty who design and deliver courses to determine the relationship between overall weighted assessment percentage scores and the overall course Grade/Grade Point.

Instructors, in designing criterion-referenced assessments, should be clear about the relationship between percentage scores, grades, grade points and achievement of course intended learning outcomes (ILOs).  The ultimate decision on the percentage score for each Grade/Grade Point rests with the individual faculty who design and deliver courses.

Faculty should note that the “Grade Descriptors for the Assessment of Key Learning Outcomes” state that “It is not expected that all potential learning outcomes covered by the descriptors will be achieved or assessed in particular courses. Staff will need to consider what weighting across the range of potential outcomes is appropriate for their own course assessments.”