SIS is a core package together with some peripheral systems that offers a range of functions, which enables students and relevant staff or faculty members to keep and view academic records, look up and update personal particulars, enroll classes, check class / examination timetable, browse financial information with the University and the advisement report showing the academic progress, and so on.

SIS Glossary

Please refer to here.

What's News

Oct 2021 - Enhancement of Student Data Extraction Function

[For Academic Admin] 

  • A modification to the selection screen of Student Data Extraction in order to allow extraction to a specific group of data to avoid unnecessary data are being extracted.  Please refer to the file specification of “Personal Information” and “Student Summary” for details.

Nov 2020 - Introduction of Secure Student Data Extraction

[For Academic Admin]

  • A new download method in Student Data Extraction was introduced (planned 2 Nov 2020) to enhance the student data security by applying the Azure Information Protection (AIP) with label “HKUST Restricted” to the extracted data files. (click here)

Aug 2020 - SIS Introduction Training

[For Student] 

  • Online video for SIS training is available now.

May/Jun 2020 - Introduction of New Student Functions

[For Academic Admin] 

  • A new function in Student Info Inquiry was introduced to retrieve UG student documents in more convenient way. (click here)
  • A new control function as audit mechanism for accessing student personal data. (intro video here: Chinese / English)