Graduation Check

Application for Graduation (UG)


Students who wish to graduate are required to indicate their intention via the Student Center in SIS.  Failure to apply on time may result in a delay in graduation.  The application window is open term by term, including Winter and Summer.  Announcement to students will be made before each application period.

Applying for Graduation

Applications can be submitted online via Student Center (My Academics > Graduation and Advisement Services) in SIS (Guide) within the application period as stated in the Key Dates for Graduation (UG).  In SIS, students should make sure:

the English and Chinese name(s) are accurately registered – to ensure the name(s) are correct as they will be printed on the degree diploma and award certification letter as recorded in SIS.  For any changes, students should notify the Academic Registry with the Form RR-11.

all major programs (and tracks/options if any) and minor programs enrolled are included – only the programs officially registered in SIS will be included in the degree check and award.  Students who wish to enroll in or withdraw from any program should approach the department concerned for advice.

all the degree requirements in the advisement report are satisfied – once students have applied for graduation, they will not be able to register for courses in subsequent terms (including Winter/Summer terms).  If any “Not Satisfied” section can be settled by rearrangement of courses used in different requirements, you may submit a request for course swap via the SIS by the end of the graduation application period.