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Useful Information for Class Enrollment (UG)

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Program/Course Catalog

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Academic Regulations

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Bad Weather Arrangement

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Maximum and Minimum Study Load
  • In each regular term, students within their normal duration of study and in good academic standing must register for courses to a total of at least 12 credits, and for not more than 18 credits.

  • Students seeking an exemption from the above require the approval of the relevant Dean or the Dean’s designate.

  • Students who do not maintain appropriate class enrollment may be required to withdraw from the University.

Add/Drop and Extended Course Dropping Deadline for PG Courses

Undergraduate students taking postgraduate courses should follow the add/drop period of postgraduate courses.  Students should note that some postgraduate courses do not follow the regular add/drop period.  The drop period of most PG courses will be extended to 1 March 2024 for most regular PG courses in Spring Term 23-24.  UG students should note the extended drop period if they have enrolled for PG courses.  They should also refer to the webpage for PG class enrollment and double-check the add/drop information of PG courses.

Change of course enrollment status

Requests for change of course enrollment status from 'Normal' to 'Audit' and vice versa must be settled before the end of add/drop period.

Course Add/Drop and Course Withdrawal after Add/Drop Period
  • Students may make changes to their course registration during the add/drop period scheduled at the beginning of each term. Changes made in this period will not be included in the student’s record.

  • Requests to add a course or to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period will not be accepted, except under extenuating circumstances, and require the approval of the relevant Dean, the Dean’s designate.

  • To apply, please click here

Circumstances under which Registration will become null and void

Each student enrolled in a specific program is subject to the requirements of the major department and the University.  Below are the circumstances under which registration will become null and void:

  • Students fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress and are subject to academic dismissal.

  • Students who fail to obtain prior permission from the University concurrently register for another program at this University or at another tertiary institution.

  • Students who fail to settle overdue tuition fees.

  • Students who are required to withdraw from the University subject to the University's regulation.

Please note that a student's program registration will be revoked without formal class enrollment.  Students should ensure that they have properly registered in the courses specified for a term.