Student Records
Study Record

Collection of Documents from Smart Locker


You may now schedule to collect hard copies of your study record or documents issued by the Academic Registry from the Smart Locker which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Collection Time: Any time within the assigned collection period

Location: Academic Registry, Room 1381, 1/F, Academic Building (Lift No. 17-18), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Please refer to the steps below for collection:

  1. Make sure you have received the email “HKUST Official Document Ready for Collection” with a Collection PIN.

  2. Read the Campus Access Information below before coming to the campus.

  3. After arriving at the Smart Locker, key in your SID No and the Collection PIN on the display panel.

  4. A compartment door will be opened if the verification is successful.  You can then collect the document from the compartment.

  5. Close the door of the compartment before you leave.

HKUST issues some official documents in secure and electronic verifiable format and can be conveniently received by email.  In case hard copies are required, you are encouraged to opt to receive the documents by mail or courier.  Collecting the documents from the Smart Locker is an alternative that you may choose.

Campus Access Information

Graduates, school leavers or authorized representatives may gain access to campus by presenting the documents below:

  1. Email “HKUST Official Document Ready for Collection” issued by the Academic Registry; and

  2. Identification document (e.g. HKID card, HKUST Alum eCard, etc.).

All visitors to the campus must comply with the University policy below:

COVID-19 Vaccination / Regular Testing Requirement