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Award Certification Letter for Graduates


The Award Certification Letter is a standard letter issued by the university to certify the status and degree award details of graduates.

For Graduates (who have completed their programs of study and have been formally approved by the University for graduation; and have their degrees conferred)
For Potential Graduates (who have not yet been approved for graduation, but (1) have satisfied all graduation requirements (2) with all grades reported)
  • If there is an urgent need to provide proof of completion of studies, you may apply for a provisional version of the Award Certification Letter (in paper or scanned copy format) by submitting an online request (Potential Graduates).

  • The letter contains information of student's personal particulars, degree program name, upcoming degree approval month and upcoming degree conferral date.  The letter does NOT contain the information of class of honors, additional majors nor minors (if any), as such information would only be available on the official Award Certification which will be issued after student's graduation is approved.


Online requests for:

 GraduatesPotential Graduates

Note: If "Graduates" is selected and the error message "Access Denied" is displayed, it indicates that you have not yet been approved for graduation. Please submit your application via "Potential Graduates" instead.