Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Strategic Planning


The University’s Strategic Plan 2021-2028, annual University Accountability Agreement (UAA) with the UGC, and triennial Planning Exercise Proposal (PEP) (which largely determines the number of UGC-funded student places), form an integrated planning process which takes forward the outcomes from periodic Research Assessment Exercises and Quality Assurance Council audits. The process aligns the University’s mission, strategic objectives and portfolio of current and planned programs with its role statement agreed with the UGC.

The PEP outlines the University’s strategy and goals for teaching and learning. Taking forward the Strategic Plan’s Three Signature Themes of the Future: Sustainable Conduct; Intelligent Industrialisation; and Human Capital, in meeting the needs of society, the PEP 2022-25 cum 2025-2028 builds on HKUST’s dedication to the advancement of humanity through education and original scholarship, closely linked with development of the wider society.

Innovative programs, in particular the revamped University Common Core Program, and the enhanced e-Learning Strategy are identified in the PEP in regard to ensuring the quality of the undergraduate student experience of teaching and learning. And while UAA metrics confirm a high level of research postgraduate (RPg) student graduation and satisfaction, the restructured HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School continually strives to ensure that students are equipped with generic and subject-specific skills for their future careers, thus enriching the RPg student experience.

Progress toward strategic goals is tracked through Annual Operating Plans which inform the institutions budget allocations.