Senate and Senate Committees


Under the University Ordinance, the Senate is the “supreme academic body of the University, (that shall) plan, develop and review programmes, (and) direct and regulate the teaching and research conducted at the University”. Senate exercises this authority directly and through Senate committees, and by establishing policies and guidelines under which Schools/AIS and Departments/Divisions operate.

The Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality (CTLQ) advises the Senate on policies and regulations relating to quality assurance; promotes excellence in teaching and learning; and provides University-level monitoring and oversight of quality assurance processes.

The CTLQ also provides advice on matters relating to the evaluation of teaching, on financial and other support for teaching development, and disseminates good practice.

The CTLQ receives and evaluates Annual Reports from School Boards and the AIS on teaching and learning in the programs of the School/AIS, and from academic support units in their support of teaching and learning, and submits annual reports to the Senate on its findings.

The Committee on Undergraduate Studies (CUS), the Committee on Undergraduate Core Education (CUCE) and the Committee on Postgraduate Studies have the principal responsibility for the approval of programs and courses including benchmarking the curriculum, approval of graduation, and monitoring of assessment and academic standards.

The quality assurance committee structure indicates the University-level committees that are responsible for quality assurance.