Student-Staff Liaison Committees


It is good practice that Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) meet regularly, that the purpose of meetings is clear, that there is sufficient representation of students and staff to ensure effective discussion, and that the outcomes are communicated to students and faculty.

Where Departments/Divisions have established Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), they might wish to consider:

  • developing formal terms of reference, arranging meetings at least twice each academic year, and recording the outcomes of meetings in the form of Minutes/Notes;
  • for Ug SSLCs, appointing at least one student representative for each level of course for which a Department/Division is responsible;
  • for TPg program SSLCs, appointing a sufficient number of students (to include full-time and part-time students, where appropriate) to be representative of the program cohort;
  • for RPg SSLCs, appointing students from the various stages of RPg programs.