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Retention of Student Status (Research PG)


Retention of Student Status of Research Students at the Beginning of a Regular Term


Research students who submit their theses for examination at least four weeks before the beginning of the following regular term, and who are unable to sit for their thesis examinations before the start of the following term through no fault of their own, are allowed to retain their student status for a period not longer than four weeks into the following regular term.

To retain their student status, these students are required to apply to the Academic Registry by completing an Application for Retention of Student Status (for Research Postgraduates) (Form RR-36) within two weeks after they have submitted their thesis copies to departments for examination purpose. Those students whose date of submission of their thesis copies falls short of the four-week period prior to the start of a regular term are NOT entitled to apply. By this arrangement, the respective thesis examinations should be held within the first three weeks of the new regular term, leaving one week for the candidates to submit the final version of their theses.

During the four-week non-fee paying period at the beginning of a regular term, students who are waiting for their thesis examinations are NOT entitled to receive postgraduate studentships.  Besides, they are NOT eligible for University student accommodation.

If students are unable to submit their completed theses before the end of the four-week period, they are required to register as regular students to maintain their student status. They have to pay the tuition fee of that term as appropriate.