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Extension of Study (PG)


Appeal from Postgraduate Students to Study Beyond the Maximum Time Allowed for Degree Completion

Appeals for the maximum time allowed for degree completion to be extended must be lodged at least three months prior to the expiry of the maximum duration of study allowed. Retroactive appeals will not be considered.

To lodge an appeal to extend his or her length of study, a student must demonstrate that there are extenuating circumstances for the delay in completing his or her studies which are completely beyond his or her control.

Requests for studying beyond the maximum time allowed for degree completion are first considered by the Head of Department, then reviewed by the Dean of School, and if supported, they are submitted to the Committee on Postgraduate Studies for a final decision. Departments/Thesis supervisors are required to give an account of why their students need such a long time to complete the degree, and in what ways the departments/thesis supervisors can ensure that their students can complete their degree within the period allowed.

Appeals for extension of studies will be considered on a term-by-term basis. In any case, consideration will not be given to students who have had their studies extended by two terms.