About this Guide:

All students are required to complete program registration procedures in each regular term.


Program registration involves payment of tuition and other prescribed fees where appropriate and confirms students' enrollment at the University.


Failure to enroll in the program in any one regular term will result in automatic withdrawal from the program and the University, unless a formal approval of Leave from Study has been obtained from the student's major department. A student must be officially registered in the program in the regular term when he/she is being considered for graduation from that program.


A student's registration in a program is automatically revoked if the student fails to complete course registration, or subsequently withdraws from all courses enrolled, or is not approved by the major department to proceed with course registration. In such circumstances, the student is deemed to have withdrawn from the University.


Students who have completed the degree requirements by the end of a term are not allowed to continue registration any longer.


Each student enrolled in a specific program is subject to the requirements of the major department and the University. Exemption from specific requirements is possible, but only in well justified circumstances and with written permission from the major department.