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Leave from Study (PG)


In exceptional circumstances with sufficient justification, students may apply for Leave from Study. Application for Leave from Study (Form RR - 8a) should be made by student prior to the beginning of a regular term, in which the leave from study status will become effective. Under exceptional circumstances, such as health issues, the leave period can commence at other times. Application for Leave in the current term within two weeks prior to the commencement of the final examination period will normally not be accepted.

Approval of Leave from Study for one regular term is granted by the major program department.  Application for two consecutive terms requires approval of the dean or the dean’s designee. Application for more than two consecutive regular terms will normally not be considered.  Any exception to this rule requires provision of detailed justifications and relevant supporting documents for the approval of the dean or the dean's designee.



Non-local students are reminded to obtain an appropriate visa to study in Hong Kong before their resumption of study. Relevant information is available at Non-local Students on Immigration Requirements