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Program Transfer (UG)


A student may change from one program of study to another with the permission of the major program department into which the student wishes to transfer. Application for transfer (Form RR - 6) should be made prior to the beginning of a regular term. Normally, the transfer will not be effected until the following regular term. Students who wish to transfer to another program of study in the middle of a term should obtain prior approval of the major program department and the dean or the dean's designate. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, requests for program transfers to be effected in the middle of a regular term are not supported.

When a student is transferred from one program to another, the entire course grade and credit record of the student will be carried forward to the new (transfer-in) program and will be used in the calculation of grade averages. The transfer-in department will decide on the courses and the number of credits the student is required to complete for graduation from the new program.

Students who have transferred from one program of study to another, in that their period of study on all programs in which they have been enrolled, will all count toward the maximum duration of study.