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Extension of Study (UG)


Undergraduate students should obtain special permission from the dean or the dean's designate if they wish to extend their program of study beyond normal duration of study, excluding approved leave from study of a completed regular term. Students may extend their studies for one additional academic year and further extension is normally not possible.

Students permitted to extend their study will register as full-time students, be subject to all University regulations, and be entitled to all normal student services. However, student housing is not available to such students.

Tuition fee will be charged on a per-credit basis, with the maximum amount payable not exceeding the prevailing tuition fee for the term. Students should note that the tuition of a withdrawal/audited course is also determined according to the normal credits of the course concerned.

If approval is not granted to extend the duration of study, the student cannot continue registering at the University and is then considered to have withdrawn from the University.