Curriculum & Advisement
Credit Transfer

Introduction to Credit Transfer (UG)


There are two types of transfer of credits:

  1. Course-credit Transfer
    The transferred/incoming course is equivalent to a specific course in the HKUST course catalog. The number of credits granted will be the same as the credit of the equivalent HKUST course.

  1. Credit-only Transfer
    No specific courses can be mapped and only credits are transferred. The number of credits will be determined by the corresponding approving unit of the relevant subjects.

Credits previously used to earn other academic qualifications at bachelor degree level or above, at the University or elsewhere cannot be transferred. Transfer credits granted based on qualifications obtained outside HKUST are not included in the calculation of grade averages and are denoted with a "T" grade.

Besides, students will not be given transfer credits for courses which have been taken at HKUST or their exclusions, and vice versa. Students should refer to the Course Catalog for the details on course exclusions. There are other restrictions on the use of transfer credits in certain degree requirements. Students should refer to the Program Catalog for details.

To graduate with a bachelor's degree from the University, students must complete a minimum of two years of full-time study at HKUST and obtain a minimum 60 HKUST course credits regardless of the number of credits transferred.  

Students are highly encouraged to go through the overview video below if you would like know more about the Credit Transfer during registration.