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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer Application Process (UG)

Public Examination Results

Normally, application is NOT required for credit transfer with public examination results, provided that students' public examination results have been disclosed in their applications for admission and verified by the Admissions Office (URAO) or the Academic Registry (ARO), as well as the examination subjects have been assessed and recorded in the Credit Transfer Database (For Examinations).

For examinations and/or subjects not found from the database, students may raise new mapping requests, with detailed course syllabus, by sending email to the Credit Transfer Team no later than one month after the commencement of the first regular term of study at HKUST.

Courses Taken in Other Institutions

Students can apply for credit transfer with courses completed at local and overseas tertiary institutions via the online Credit Transfer Application System. Before initiating any application, students are strongly advised to check the approved mappings from the Credit Transfer Database (For Institutional Courses), and consult their School or major Department for advice on equivalence HKUST course.

For approved mappings valid in student's transfer term (that is, first term of study at HKUST for on entry students; or the term students take the courses elsewhere during study), please add application entries with course grade in the corresponding study record and submit individual entries no later than one month after the commencement of the first regular term of study at HKUST (on entry) / after a student's return to study at HKUST (during registration). Students are required to upload the official transcript to their applications.

For courses you have taken / intend to take are not listed in the database, you may raise new mapping requests, via the system, with detailed course syllabus.

Credit Transfer Database and Application System

Students are able to find the previously approved mappings from the below databases. Before you raise any new mapping, you are highly recommended to search whether there are any useful mappings and use them to proceed your applications.

To initiate your application for credit transfer, please submit a completed application via the Credit Transfer Application System.

Overview Video

The overview video below familiarizes students the procedures to raise new mapping requests for institutional courses and submit credit transfer applications through the System, you are recommended to spend some time watching the video clip.


Important Notes on Application
  • Students must provide true and valid documents directly related to their courses/subjects studied elsewhere when applying for course assessment and credit transfer. Any use of falsified documents or materials not directly from their courses may lead to disciplinary action.  

  • The processing time for an application is at least one month.  Students may check the details of the results from the Student Information System (SIS) or the Credit Transfer Application System. 

  • Students may only apply for credit transfer to HKUST courses which are active in the academic term when the transfer credits are articulated (for transfer credits on-entry it refers to the first academic term, for transfer credits during studies e.g. in exchange program it refers to the term of study elsewhere).  

  • There are some cases that students need to choose to apply credit transfer to only one particular HKUST equivalent course among a number of courses (e.g. HUMA1410 OR HUMA1440); and students may want to consult their academic advisors before submitting the applications.  

  • Only courses with a passing grade or above will be considered and applications with incomplete information or missing supporting documents will not be processed.  

  • HKUST reserves all its rights to approve or disapprove applications for credit transfer at its sole discretion.