Teaching and Learning Space and Facilities

Teaching Space and Facilities

Teaching space availability and usage is actively monitored by the Provost’s Office working with the Academic Registry. Classroom usage, especially for the larger 80 plus spaces, is extremely high (in excess of 90%) and the Space Allocation Committee is working proactively with relevant departments to find new spaces and establish short-, mid- and long-term plans for increased capacity. The provision of study spaces is considered more than adequate, but nonetheless the Provost’s Office actively seeks and releases additional space at peak times, such as examination periods.

The Information Technology Services Center (ITSC) operates central IT facilities, both physical (e.g. computer barns, multi-function printers, digitalised classrooms, etc.) and virtual (e.g. virtual computer barn service, cloud-based virtual desktop and software service, etc.), facilitating students to leverage technologies in learning. Most classrooms are equipped with modern digital A/V systems, supporting A/V presentation with in-venue Presentation PC, as well as using user's own device like notebook, iPad, etc. In response to the pandemic, ITSC/CEI collaborated to revamp classrooms and equipment based on reviews/consultations, to increase the number of suitable classrooms for hybrid-/blended-learning.

The Library also offer teaching venues primarily for information literacy programs and various Library events.

Study Space on Campus

The library is the major unit to provide an inspiring physical place for study, research, enrichment, and collaboration, with particular emphasis on leveraging experience from the Information and Learning Commons. It reviews the adequacy of its learning environment and resources from time to time, leading to improved service quality. Apart from Library, the Schools/AIS, Center for Language Education (CLE), ITSC, and Office of the Dean of Students (DSTO) also offer various study spaces including learning commons, computer barns, and other amenities to meet the need of students’ independent learning.

Learning Commons:
DSTO Student's Amenities
ITSC Computer Barns