Graduation Check

Graduation Check Process (PG)

Verification of Graduation Status
  • The Academic Registry identifies the prospective graduates based on the following criteria:
    Taught programs: the total number of credits (including all approved transfer credits) to be earned by the end of the term.
    MPhil and PhD programs: the data collected in the latest Annual Progress Reports for Research Students; and the notification received from student/student's major department.

  • Students who are identified as potential graduates will be assigned graduation status "Applied", "Pending" or "In Review" at different stages of the graduation process:
    Applied - at the first stage of the graduation check exercise when student is identified as potential graduate.
    Pending - the case is being review under the graduation check exercise, passed cases will be submitted to Senate Committee of the University for approval.
    In Review - the case has passed the graduation check and will be submitted to Senate Committee of the University for approval.

    The graduation status can be seen at the Student Center (My Academics > Graduation and Advisement Services).

  • Please contact us IMMEDIATELY:
    – if you are planning to graduate in the specified term but your graduation status is not updated; or
    – if you are identified as a potential graduate but will NOT be able to complete your study in the specified term. Please contact us to update your status or else you will NOT be able to enroll in courses in the subsequent terms.
    – if you are on the list but your NAME (both English and Chinese) and PROGRAM(S) registered, which will be printed on the diploma, are incorrect. 

  • Students who have completed their program requirements are NOT allowed to continue their registration for the same program of study in subsequent terms.

  • The Advisement Report is available for students to understand their study progress. Students are responsible for ensuring that they will complete all credit and non-credit requirements for their program of study for the degree award. 

Updating Contact Information

Students are also requested to check their contact information (e.g. phone numbers or addresses) to avoid delay in communication. Invitation to Congregation will be sent to their email and mailing address as recorded with the University. For any changes, please update the information directly on web via the Student Center or via the Alumni System if students no longer have access to the system which requires a valid ITSC computer account.

Thesis Submission Deadline (for MPhil and PhD students)

The deadlines for students to submit final thesis copies to the University Thesis Submission System are:

  • 16 June 2024 (for Spring 2023-24)

  • 1 September 2024 (for Summer 2023-24)

Students submitting their theses to the University Thesis Submission System after the Winter/Summer deadlines will be required to register and pay the tuition fees for the coming Spring/Fall term and their graduation will be deferred. To meet the deadline, please schedule the thesis examination with the major department well in advance.