Graduation Check

GGA Calculation (PG)


Graduation Grade Average (GGA) is based on the CGA calculated at the end of the term for which the student is placed on the list of potential graduates. All courses required by the degree requirements must be included in the calculation of the GGA. 

The formula for calculating the GGA is as below:


sum of (course credits x course grade points)

sum of (course credits)

Surplus Course Exclusion

Students may request that graded courses included in the calculation of the graduation CGA are excluded from this calculation to improve their GGA. However, no course required for the award of the student's degree may be excluded.

Departments have been advised to establish their departmental policy for dealing with surplus courses in the determination of student's GGA and have it announced to their students in advance. Students may wish to check with department if there is any departmental policy. Requests should be made to the major department at the final term of study after all grades are reported.

Students should also note that NO further changes in academic record will be entertained after graduation is confirmed by the University. Therefore, potential graduates should check their registration information, grades, GGA and courses excluded from the Student Information System regularly.