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What is Academic Misconduct?


Most of us have a good idea about what is meant by cheating, but there are some "grey areas".

Here are some examples of academic misconduct. This list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Getting hold of examination or test questions without the instructor's permission, or giving other students questions without permission
  • Giving or receiving unauthorized information or help to answer questions during examinations or tests
  • Having someone else take a test or examination for you, or taking an examination or test for someone else
  • Handing in assignments on which you received help from fellow students or others that went beyond what was approved by the instructor, or giving such help
  • Making up facts or references and using them in assignments
  • Using other people's work in an assignment and presenting it as your own
  • Helping a fellow student to cheat
  • Incomplete or no referencing of the work of others, which can result in plagiarism.