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Student Card

Use and Management of the HKUST Card


Students are required to carry their HKUST Card as a proof of identity on campus. Holders of the HKUST Card are entitled to the stipulated rights and privileges enjoyed by the University community, in accordance to the rules and regulations of the University. Graduating students in their last term of study should note that the expiry dates of their eligibility to different University services may vary.

The HKUST Card is not transferable and should be kept in good care. Falsification or misuse of the Card may constitute an offence, which may lead to suspension of privileges and disciplinary action.

Students should quote their student number appearing on the HKUST Card in all correspondences with the University.

Students should update the student status information stored in the card chip of HKUST Card at the start of a new academic year or upon their resumption of study from study leave. The update can be made at "Manage my HKUST Card" function via Student Intranet at the virtual barn workstations or computers in computer barns equipped with card reader.

For HKUST Card Management System, please visit the following webpage: here