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Class Enrollment for Summer 2023-24 (PG)

For Enquiries: COURSERG@UST.HK

Summer 2023-24 class enrollment will begin in May 2024.  Supported by the Student Information System (SIS), students will submit class choices online, check the result real-time and wait-list for classes in case of over-subscription.  The System will also handle requests to waive course enrollment requirements (pre/co-requisites) and instructor’s approvals.

Online class enrollment of postgraduate students in regular terms and Summer is more or less the same. However, as an administrative measure to avoid excessive enrollment or wait-listing of courses, a student is allowed to enroll only THREE COURSES in Summer.  Students who have strong academic reasons to enroll for more courses in Summer should approach the ARO for assistance.  In addition, the maximum study load of 8 credits for part-time students, including normal credit load of audit courses, is still in force in Summer.

Some postgraduate programs do not participate in online class enrollment exercise and some operation details may not apply to them.  Please click here to look up these programs and the involved students should refer to the class enrollment arrangement of the program offices.  In addition, MBA students should also refer to the notices from the School of Business and Management for special class enrollment dates and additional information.

Important Dates and Steps for Class Enrollment

The following is a brief summary of the important dates and steps to take for Summer Class Enrollment:

Important dates

17 April onwards

Check class schedule via SIS

26 April (9:30am) onwards

Class validation

3 May(6:00pm)*

Class enrollment

* Adjustment to your class enrollment is allowed until the end of add/drop.

Important steps

  • Use ‘Class Search’ functions to look up the class information and link to course information from 17 April onwards. The information is also available on the "Class Schedule & Quota" webpage.

  • Put your class choice to the shopping cart and validate on 26 April onwards and prepare for the class enrollment process.  Seek special approval from course instructor, when necessary. Make sure that you have sorted out the class enrollment requirement issues and obtained the appropriate approval before your start time for enrollment.  This process may continue until the end of add/drop.

  • Submit class enrollment starting 6:00pm on 3 May.

  • Change your request, if necessary, before end of add/drop period.

Students’ Responsibility

Students should be responsible for seeking academic advice, checking up academic regulations and taking appropriate enrollment actions.  Courses/Classes that are inappropriately enrolled may not be counted towards graduation requirements and will lead to failure to fulfill degree requirements.  De-registration of courses violating university regulations may take place after add/drop period.

Class Enrollment and Add/Drop

Add/Drop requests of Summer courses can be submitted daily (except system maintenance period from 7:30am-9:30am every morning) before add/drop deadlines of the courses.

Courses offered in Summer have different add/drop deadlines. If you have a pending swap request involving 2 classes of different add/drop deadlines, the swap request will be removed when the earlier deadline is reached. The original confirmed class will remain.  Please refer to the "Class Notes" in the SIS (Class Search), or the "remarks" bubble on the "Class Schedule & Quota" webpage for the add/drop deadline of individual course.

The Extended drop deadline applies to some postgraduate courses only.  PG students who have taken UG courses have to follow the add/drop deadline of UG courses which normally do not have extended drop period.

Students should allow sufficient processing time for the System to handle their add/drop requests.  Completion of an add/drop process depends on a lot of factors such as system loading.  Please avoid delaying the submission of your add/drop requests to the last minute at closing of add/drop.  According to the University academic regulations, requests for adding/dropping courses after the add/drop period will not be accepted. 

Students may refer to the FAQ for class enrollment to refresh the knowledge using the SIS for class enrollment.