Follow-up by Departments


Following a report of cheating, the Head of the Department/Division responsible for the course, or a member of faculty appointed by the Head for the purpose, should review the case and arrange to meet with the student within two weeks of the reported misconduct.  Where the Head is satisfied that the student has committed an act of academic misconduct, the Head may impose an appropriate penalty. (For more details, refer to Penalties for Cheating.)

Where a student is considered to have committed academic misconduct and a sanction imposed, the Head of the Department/Division should complete the Report on Student Academic Misconduct (Word/PDF)and forward it to the Dean/AIS Dean responsible for the student’s program for information, with a copy of any written reprimand.  Copies should also be sent to the Academic Registrar for retention.

Where the course department is not the student's major department, the course department may wish to keep the major department/School or AIS informed of the case and its progress.

Where the case involves students who are not enrolled on the course or program under the Head or there is a possible conflict of interest for the Head, the case should be referred to the Dean/AIS Dean responsible for the student’s program who will follow-up as necessary.

Where the case involves persons who are not members of the University community, the case should be referred to the Provost.