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How long will it take for the official transcript to be ready?

Unless otherwise specified, the official transcript will be prepared as soon as the related payment is settled and, normally, five working days should be allowed for processing the request. Transcript requests are processed in the order of receipt. Applicants can check the status of their requests by logging into the application page again. An email will be sent to you after your request is completed.

Time needed for a hard copy transcript to be delivered to a designated address varies from one destination to another as well as the postal/courier service that you have chosen. Please refer to the estimated delivery time for reference. You are advised to plan ahead and allow enough time for postal delivery if you need to meet any deadline.

As for the e-Transcript, after your transcript request is completed, an email containing a download link to the document will be sent to the recipient’s email address provided in your transcript application. The recipient can view and download the document using the link. The document is solely for the recipient’s use. It is important that you provide accurate information of the recipient in your request or there may be a delay in the process. The University bears no responsibility in the event of non-delivery of the e-Transcript.