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Do you offer courier service?

Yes. Courier services by Fedex and SF Express Freight Collect (順豐到付) are offered. An overview of the estimated delivery time and amount chargeable to the delivery services available is given in the table below.

Please note that if you choose SF Express Freight Collect (順豐到付), you (or the recipient) will be charged by SF Express upon package collection (No postage fees will be charged through the online application system). It is therefore important for you to make sure that the package is sent to a recipient who will be responsible for settling the delivery charge. As a mandatory requirement by the SF Express company, graduates/students who require delivery to mainland China will have to upload to the application system a colour copy of both sides of the recipient's China ID card for uploading to the company’s website. You should upload the required document to the system when completing your application on the system. Applications with insufficient identification documents will be denied. The ID documents uploaded to this application system will be purged 7 days after the request is processed and completed.

Delivery Services

Applicable Destinations

ESTIMATED Delivery time (in terms of working days)#

Amount of delivery service charge to be paid through the transcript application system

Ordinary Local/Air Mail (Hong Kong Post)

Local/non-local delivery

Local : 1-2

Non-local : 4-24

No additional charge

Registered mail i.e. with mail tracking feature (Hong Kong Post)

Local/non-local delivery

Local : 1-2

Non-local (airmail) : 4-24

$ 15.5

Courier (Fedex)

ALL Regions / Countries covered by Fedex (Except for Hong Kong local delivery) 


$ 200.0

Courier (SF Express Freight Collect - 順豐到付)

HK, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia

Local : 3

Non-local : 5-7

Students will be charged by SF Express upon package collection(No fees will be charged through this system)


# The estimated delivery time is for reference only and the delivery time may vary depending on the destination and other situational factors. For updated postal/courier delivery service, please refer to the respective service provider's website.