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What to Do if You Detect Cheating?


On examinations/tests
If you observe cheating while you are invigilating an examination or test, you should immediately inform the student.

If the student admits to cheating, you should collect the examination script and ask the student to leave the room. The student should be informed that the course department will follow up on the matter after the examination.

If the student denies cheating, you should draw a line on the examination script to show where the alleged cheating was observed and allow the student to complete the examination.

On assignments and quizzes
Instructors should report all cases of cheating and academic misconduct.

In all cases of alleged academic misconduct, you should complete a Report on Student Academic Misconduct and forward it, along with any evidence of the cheating that has been collected, to the Head of the department responsible for the course, for follow-up after the examination.