Student Records
Update of Personal Data

Updating Personal Information

Contact Information

Personal information provided by students upon admission will be used for establishing a permanent record at the University. Students must notify the Academic Registry of any changes in their personal information. It is important to keep the University informed of the most updated and accurate contact information to avoid any delay in communication.

A convenient means to update the address, telephone number and information of contact person in case of emergency is available to students with valid ITSC account. Students can access their personal records and change the contact information via the Student Information System (SIS) from Student Intranet. In the home tag of My Studies, you can click on the link “Student Center” to access the SIS. In Personal Information, click “Demographic Data”. Select the information that you want to edit.

Name and Others

Students can submit an Application for Personal Data Amendment (Form RR-11) to the Academic Registry for updating their personal information. Legal or official documentary evidence must be produced when changes in records such as name, HKID card number, passport/entry permit number are made.

Personal Information Collection Statements ("PICS")