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Does HKUST issue official transcript in soft copy?

There are two types of transcripts available: hard copy and digital (e-Transcript).

Hardcopy transcripts are printed on the HKUST logo watermarked paper with fine prints of the full name of the University as background. It is valid only with the authorized signature, and it bears the embossed stamp on the last page. All hardcopy transcripts will be folded and placed in an envelope. If you do not want your document(s) to be folded, then you should put this down in the “Remarks” section of the online application form.

The e-Transcript is a secure electronic document supported by the blockchain technology. It is registered on the blockcert server so that it is cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, and shareable. It can be accessed by a third party, ranging from other tertiary institutions to employers, in a more secured way. For details of the e-Transcript initiative, please visit here.