About this Guide:

Requirements for programs of study leading to undergraduate degrees are approved for each year of entry. Students must follow the curriculum approved for their year of entry throughout their period of study, unless otherwise advised by the University.

Detailed curriculum requirements are published at “Program Catalog


To gain an award of a bachelor’s degree, students are required to:

(i) Earn at least 120 credits in approved courses or through credit transfer subject to AR 6.3

(ii) Complete the requirements of the University Common Core Program

(iii) Complete the University English language requirement

(iv) Complete School/AIS requirements, if any, for programs under the School/AIS

(v) Complete requirements for at least one major, or School requirements for a general degree under the School


Deviations from University requirements under (i), (ii) or (iii) must be approved by the Provost, or the Provost’s designate. Deviations from School/AIS requirements under (iv) or requirements of major or minor programs must be approved by the relevant Dean, the Dean’s designate or the Director of AIS.