Course Syllabus (UG)


ACCT    Accounting

BIBU    Biotechnology and Business

BIEN    Bioengineering

BIPH    Biological Physics

CENG    Chemical and Biological Engineering

CHEM    Chemistry

CIVL       Civil and Environmental Engineering

COMP   Computer Science and Engineering

CORE   Common Core

CPEG     Computer Engineering

DASC     Data Analytics in Science

DSCT      Data Science and Technology

ECON    Economics

ELEC       Electronic and Computer Engineering

EMIA     Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas

ENEG     Energy

ENGG    School of Engineering

ENTR     Entrepreneurship

ENVR     Environment

ENVS     Environmental Science

FINA      Finance

FYTG      HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School

GBUS    Global Business

GNED    General Education

HART     Studio Arts courses offered by HUMA

HLTH      Health and Physical Education

HUMA  Humanities

IDPO      Interdisciplinary Programs Office

IEDA      Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics

IIMP      Individualized Interdisciplinary Major

IROP      International Research Opportunities Program

ISDN      Integrative Systems and Design

ISOM     Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management

LABU     Language for Business

LANG    Language

LEGL    Legal Education

LIFS        Life Science

MARK   Marketing

MATH   Mathematics

MECH    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MGMT  Management

OCES     Ocean Science

PHYS      Physics

PPOL     Public Policy

RMBI     Risk Management and Business Intelligence

SBMT    School of Business and Management

SCIE       School of Science

SHSS      School of Humanities and Social Science

SISP       Summer Institute for Secondary School Students

SOSC     Social Science

SUST      Sustainability

TEMG    Technology and Management

UROP    Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

WBBA   SF program in World Business