About this Guide:

Class enrollment deals with the selection of and enrollment in appropriate courses for a specific term.  Starting from May 2011, a new web-based Student Information System (SIS) has been launched to handle the class enrollment processes of students.  Students can submit their course choices and confirm course places via the Student Center of SIS at any point that has access to the Internet.  In case of over-subscription of courses, they can put their names on the waiting list of the enrollment system.  In the event that they need the approval of the faculty member or major department for enrolling in courses in special cases, they can submit the requests and wait for the approval from the appropriate parties.

Faculty members and authorized staff members in academic departments, on the other hand, can handle the students' requests for exceptions and mark their decision with the Class Enrollment Request System; or access the waiting list and class enrollment list of courses they teach at the Faculty and Advisor Center.

The Student Center, the Class Enrollment Request System and the Faculty and Advisor Center are all sub-systems of SIS.

Not all the students enroll classes online on their own with the new system.  Some taught postgraduate programs are not participating in online class enrollment.  Special class enrollment arrangement is made with the students by the program offices.  Class enrollment records are captured in the Student Information System and students can check their class enrollment records with the System online.